Rule stopped working after ISP change

  • Gents,

    I have two remote sites on my kids houses that I manage from home. My son is with Comcast, My daughter with at&t, I had both and my pfSense was configured to use Comcast as primary and at&t as fail over.

    I've cancelled comcast and removed the extra configuration, so now only one IPv4 and one IPv6 GWs and no rules to control the fail over exists.

    Before I could access both remote pfSenses from home without any issues.

    After the change, I can only access my son's.

    Here the configuration:

    Two alias:

    • Ports


    • IPs


    • Rule



    Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this will be appreciated.


  • @amello
    Well, finished my tests and got it to work. No changes to the ISP equipment.
    I might have a problem with that installation as changes are not applying after filters reloads. It takes over 5 minutes after it completes to start working.
    The box is an i5-3470 with 4MB RAM and the it's running using 1% of the CPU, so no other reason for the delay I can think of, besides some garbage inside that install.
    It is working now, but I can't say what caused to stop working in the first place (I do hate those it was working before and not it is not statement).
    If I find out will post again.