Squid on LAN as a regular proxy but on optX as a transparent one {20 US$}

  • Hi guys,

    as mhab12 replied to my question, I now try to start a bounty for (not only my)  problem


    The goal is, to get a 'regular' proxy server on the lan interface which is directly accessing the internet for forwarding the lan-clients' requests.

    No big deal, even from scratch… but the second thing is, that there should be another transparent proxy listening on the opt2-interface
    forwarding those requests to an upstream proxy - but only those requests which are coming from opt2.

    Is that possible?

    The intention is, to get some webradios working which work only with an ip address from another country. So I'd like to 'transparently' forward those
    network (opt2) to a proxyserver in that country. Works wonderfully, in a single configuration, but the normal surfing shouldn't be done this way.
    Way too slow, and I don't wanna cause more traffic than I already to to the proxy.

    Since especially transparent proxieng seems to be very different in *BSD that it  is in Linux, I don't really
    get it done myself, but maybe it its a piece of cake in *BSD too.

    I don't know how much I'd spend for it, but because I need it only for my private bathroom ip-radio
    I start with 20 US$ - please don't be offended by this low amount... I hope its really helpful for other users too, so we could get on a more valuable number;-)



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