Scheduling and CP : mutual exclusive ?

  • Hi all.

    I’m posting my question in the Captive portal section, I think it belongs here.

    I’m using pfSense with a WAN, LAN and Opt1 interface.
    The LAN is a straight setup with several company PC’s (only one fire wall rule : all permitted for going out).
    The Opt1 is setup with the captive portal activated. Behind it is a switch with many access points.

    This setup works for years now.

    Question: When I define a Time Shedule rule, the captive portal stops filtering, it becomes as transparent as my LAN interface: all clients can browse where ever they want to go on the net, no hotspot page isn’t show anymore (for me, on
    Please mind, just defining a Shedule rule will provoke this behaviour – I’m not using the schedule in any firewall rule yet.

    Is this normal? (I remember that Time Scheduling was 'invented and implemented' but that it didn't work with a Captive portal on the same system)
    So, is it still true that Time Scheduling and Captive Portal usage is mutual exclusive?

    Or is my setup ready for a re-install - rezconfig ?

  • Only on 2.0 this restriction is removed.

  • Thanks for your fast reply.

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