Pfsense 1.2.2 on vmware server loaded on centos 5.3

  • I am looking to go virtual with pfsense on what I think is decent hardware pc.

    My current setup is:
    emachine t3104
    CentOS 5.3 base install (no gui)
    1 gb of ram
    2x Intel Dual head PCI Ethernet card (eth0 - 3)
    1x onboard nic (not used in vmware only for ssh into the box)
    2x 40gb hd in lvm.

    the pfsense vms are as follows:
    384mb ram
    35 gb hd
    wan bridged to eth0
    lan bridged to eth1

    384 mb of ram
    35 gb hd
    wan bridged to eth2
    lan bridged to eth3

    I was testing this out last night on fw01 (fw02 is not built yet) by downloading roughly 10 gb of data. I left for a little bit to run errands to come home and the entire box was locked. I could not access anything from the console of centos as the whole box was locked up.

    Anybody using the free vmware server on linux and having issues? Anybody have any thoughts as to why this is doing this?


  • Did you ever determine if this was an ongoing issue and/or find a fix for it?  I'm not having lockup problems (not hard locks anyway), I'm having network freezing issues myself using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server as host machine, vmware server 2.01 free, pfsense (or any other linux guest) and whenever there is guest internet traffic, the host system becomes unresponsive (remotely, since I'm 1.5 hours away from it).

  • If your hostmachine has just virtu boardflag.. I would try proxmox ( Install it as KVM then map your NICs.. It's working remarkably here with less overhead than VMwareserver.

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