Transparent bridge problem

  • Hello

    I've just installed 1.2.3 RC and configured a transparent bridge. I'm able to run traffic through the fw from the LAN-side to the internet unrestricted, however, I'm unable to access open ports on the client behind the firewall.

    The topology is as follows (this is just for testing). (ip/mask/gw)

    Win7 client (, extra ip –-->LAN ( WAN(>( cisco pix501 (external dhcp)

    port 2000 TCP is open and forwarded to win7 client, this works when not having the pfsense box in between.

    I've followed the pdf guide to setting up a transparent firewall, and I've checked the "no nat" option in the nat rule.

    I've also created allow tcp/udp from any to any-rules on both interfaces.

    And no messages in the log to indicate that a packet that was destined to port 2000 was dropped.

    What have I done wrong?

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