PfSense did not assign the IP address to the second ethernet device on an bridge

  • Hi all
    We have a specific problem. For some historical reason we have the same IP range for external firewall device and the ISProuter and for the public IP adresses in the DMZ. The pfsense bridge funcionality will solve this problem. But: when I reboot pfSense (we are using the Live CD 1.2.2) pfSense will set up the bridge between WAN and DMZ interfaces, but set the IP address only to the WAN interface and the DMZ zone have no possibility to see anything because have not the routing interface (DMZ interface IP address) visible. When I go to the console and set the IP address and netmask for the DMZ interface manually (such as  ifconfig  <interface><ip address=""><netmask>), the bridged interface obtain its IP address and the DMZ starts the connections to "the world" normally.

    My question is:

    1. Is that normal in pfSense and I have to ask the ISP for different IP range for WAN interface and ISP router?
    2. Does exist some workaround, for example "How to execute a command (but automatically, with some script on the USB stick) after rebooting pfSense and pfSense reload the configuration from USB stick"?
    3. Will some future version of pfSense solve this problem with the bridge?

    Thank everybody.

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