New Error Messages - Virtualization (planning on upgrading to the latest snapsho

  • I am seeing error messages since updating to XenServer 5.5.0.  They do not see to affect the performance of the system.

    I am seeing issues with clock and other werid messages.  Here is just one of them:
    ad0:  Timeout - WRITE_DMA retrying (1 retry left) LBA = 18441551

    There where aome werid clock issues.

    Now I am a member of the FreeBSD forum and some of these issues have been reported.  Has any one seen any of these issues?

  • I hope you can see these are the error messages that I am now getting.

    Any one got any ideas?
    Ron Carter

  • I got it back up and running.  It was a simple mistake that took me down and trashed my firewall.  I accidentally removed a virtual internface and it took me down for two days.  I got it fixed.

    It does show how easy you can screw something up.  Thank god for virtual images that have the configuration saved in it.

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