OPT1 connection help needed

  • Maybe I did not give enough info, ok here goes, I have opt1 set up as a second LAN, LAN2 that has a switch and a couple of systems connected to it,  I have one rule allowing all out  I can see in the log that the systems are getting a local ip from opt1, I can see
    in the firewall log the local ip address and the external ip address its trying to connect to all going out  but it seem like its getting stuck some where because  their is no response from anything  on the internet it seems like its getting stuck somewhere .do anyone know what might be the problem/issue.

  • I could be off topic here, but you may want to check under "NAT" if you are using NAT on a single WAN interface, then you would have to set up NAT for both your LAN and OPT1 interface to have both connect to the internet. If you don't set up NAT for each interface, then you won't have OPT1 connect to the internet even with a firewall rule (which you should also set up).

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