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  • hi,

    OK so I've looked through the forum and have been for a couple of weeks or so. my interest in pf sense is to use the captive portal and ppoe server functions, although I'm not sure on the best way to do things.

    what i want is the captive portal page to catch new user's and re-direct them to a payment / registration site. give them there user name and password once funds have cleared. and for them to be able to chose a ppoe account. on a monthly contract. and for that to give them there user name / password. and instructions on dialing up a pppoe connection once funds have cleared.

    my problem lies in not knowing the best way of doing things. I'm not a programmer, and i hate all forms of web programing with a passion. i have a rather extensive network, dc' radius servers etc. and can set up whatever is required, I'm only looking for pf sense to pick up wireless users and server them the Internet.

    I'm sure someone else has done what i am trying too do. and made some sort of payment, and automated registration system for pfsense. to sell wireless Internet access, would be very interested in hearing how others have done this. and would also be willing to pay to copy there system for my environment.

    many thanks,


  • Contact and make your clear staments there and see where you go.

  • Ok,

    To give you some background… I work for a business spread across multiple sites, in a small town. Our connection to the internet is important. We trade on live markets currency stocks etc.

    Having a look recently at our fixed lines. We realised we have lots of extra bandwidth. I’m talking in the region of about 7.6GB, of our 10 GB line free. So we have decided to sell this instead of down grade. As sometimes in mass market moves we need to pull that much data from the web.

    Anyway about a year ago, we implemented a wireless mesh network on the 2.4 GHz band. So that our offices, could all communicate without having to go through fixed lines. And members of our sales team and other staff could work remotely, like in the local pub.

    So the wireless infrastructure is set up. It works incredibly well; we hardly ever get an error. And the network covers the entire town. Including 2 high schools, 1 specialist hospital, and a conference centre. All of our offices and users can still connect fine. I’ve already sorted that out as there’s another route / hardware firewall. Which takes all our office inter connect data on very specialised encryption based hardware.

    What I’m ideally looking at is. Sticking the pf sense box in as the 2end / dhcp gateway. To this network, which I’ve done without any errors to our existing network. If a member of the sales team connects with their hardware encrypted data card / wireless. They still connect to the other root which is cool.

    The thing we want to be able to do is. Sell our extra bandwidth to the town through a WISP sort of setup. Our network is 2.4g, so if any user connects without the hardware encrypted data card. They currently get the pf sense captive portal login page.

    What I’m looking for, is some way of making that page into an automated registration / payment site. So that the users can pay. And then have a username and password assigned for captive portal. so that they then have everything they need to connect..

    We also want the captive portal / automated registration /payment site. To be able to offer a pppoe service. Integrated with the pppoe server. On a rolling monthly contract. And for that to assign, user name password and explain to the user how to setup the connection.

    The main need is that this be an automated service. We don’t want to have to employ anymore than about one or two people to run the town wisp.

    I’m sure this is probably something that has been done before. And other users have made some automated registration / payment site. We are not looking at wanting anything too flashy for now. A site that gets people to pay through PayPal button would be fine. Just as long a users are paying and we can work out if there would be any demand, for the service. I know how to sort out a pay pal buttons etc. Although i dont like web programing. like I said it doesn’t have to be too flashy. It’s just to work out if there’s a demand. It’s the automated user details, and password after. I’m a little lost with, that’s what I’m really looking for. I posted on the forum, as I was hoping someone in the pfsense community with knowledge of pfsense. May have a solution to this working that I could buy / copy.

    For our first network tests of this it’s just going to be run by me and the IT team so it has to be automated IT has far too much to do already

    I wanted something that could be rolled out quickly. That was already in production, as I was hoping not to pass this to our web dev team. Because they just start to make things difficult.



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