Accessing plotter/printer on different lan

  • hi,

    i just installed a new pfsense box where i configured my box to have dhcp runing and giving ip range,

    from my pf box i gave connection via an access point to 25 users in a company they are all surfing with no problem, but they want to be able to connect to their plotter ip:, located on their lan where a dhcp server is running too.

    they are also using the company email through exchange server.

    my question is:

    how they can use my internet service via my pf box and still connect to exchange server on different subnet also connect to their plotter.

    help really apreciated


  • under firewall rules for the wireless users add a rule of allow all, create new rule change protocol to any and that should do it if not change source to wireless subnet.

    for the email server you may have to add a static route to it.

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