Choose Bootup Slice not works

  • Today I tried to boot from the second slice, because I would try out a different setting. It's possible to change the bootup slice from the console (serial) and maybe also from the SSH console (I don't dried it). But it works not from the webinterface. If I choose slice1 it reports that the bootup is set to slice 2 and vice versa. but it boots everytime from slice 1. This has no priority, but I thought I write it here for information.


  • In choosing the bootup slice the drop down menu reads:
    "ad0s1" and "ad0s2."

    The confirmation text reads:
    "The boot slice has been set to pfsense0" or "The boot slice has been set to pfsense1."

    This seems a bit confusing.  The confirmations should read the same as the drop down menu or vise versa.

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