Hi! turn off wifi ap at night! [SOLVED]

  • Hi , I just would like to know what would be the best method to shut down wifi at night: just ifconfig ath0 down?, maybe cron calling to a script?, or just change the lan config in web page(later cannoct acces to the web server with this way)?
    I just want to turn off the ap at night, nobody is using it, and at morning turn it on again with exactly same configuration. I do not need lan to control pfsense, I cant configure it in the pc where is installed.
    Pfsense must be on because mldonkey is working hard in it. Just nat wifi must be off:

    internet  >–-<  pfsense -- NAT/wpa2 AP  >---<  ap clients


  • An easy way to stop the traffic would be to create a firewall rule that blocks all traffic and tie it to a schedule. It wouldn't shut the radio down, but it would definitely make it useless.

  • what I wanted is just to stop the radio, turn off the ap, it was very easy, just "ifconfig ath0 down", and in the morning "ifconfig ath0 up" and config does not change and it works really well. Thanks to a nice answer in the IRC chat.
    I was worry that any esoteric configuration in pfsense could break the system, but it looks that everything still works well, even with all nat rules on and the AP down.

  • Cool, did you put it in a cron job or do you just do it manually?

  • I do it manually, because I do not go to sleep at the same time everyday, but I tested with airodump-ng and that the AP card is down and it does not send any signal.
    But for sure that in a cron job it will work well too.

    You know , I do not want to put aluminium foil in my head to prevent the wifi burn my brain at night.. ;) hehehe.

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