High pings problems (xbox360+2pcs)

  • Hi,

    I'm sharing a 10Mbits Cable internet through my pfsense (3pc and 2 xbox360) and I'm having ping issues. I'm using the traffic shaper with the xbox360 checkbox ticked. While the other pc users download at full speed (like rapidshare or steam) the latency in-game gets degraded. Is there any way to adjust/tweak settings to have high speed dowloads and priorize A1 gaming latency all the time?

    Any help would be more than appreciated.

  • You could use the created rules as a sort of template to create a rule that prioritizes the Xbox 360's IP address rather than just the protocol.
    You could do the same thing to lower the priority of the IP addresses of the computers rather than attempt to degrade each download protocol.

  • I'm unfamiliar with the info you gave me. Is there options I can change in Firewall:Shaper:Queues ? Are the "default queue" checkbox or ACK checkbox the options I need? Or is it in the Service Curve parameters? When I download fullspeed and game, the qgameup/qgamedown queues have all "0" below them. The qlandef downloads fast and some drops are noted. Also I don't know if it's normal but with all xboxes OFF I still get queue readins of qgamesup/down of 160Kb/s and 771Kb/s.

    I can ajust some settings but my knowledge of pfsense and traffic shaping is far from a certified technician.

    Again your time/help is appreciated.

  • An easy way to do it is to duplicate a rule for one of the services you know has higher priority. Then edit the new rule to any port numbers, but with a specific source IP address.

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