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  • I just applied the latest up date and it took my firewall down.  I not sure how to explain what happened but it but the update started normally detected my hardware and kept loading.  Right before the menu came thats when I got a ton of errors.

    I had took a snapshot with XenServer 5.5.0 before applying the latest update.  I quickly was able to recover from the snaphot.  It is awesome to be able to recover quickly instead of a reload.  5 minutes total outage instead of 2 hours.


  • Hello!

    Last Friday (Jully, 10) I installed without problems the NanoBSD snapshot for 512 MByte. I tried to do the same with the 2 GByte snapshot and I've got problems. MD5 were correct, but the image was dammaged.

    Yesterday I saw this:

    Snapshots are closed due to kernel breakage. Please check back some other time.

    And it continues … The conclusion it is (perhaps) don't use last week snapshots ...


    Josep Pujadas

  • Not sure what is the status. The message remains up, but updated snapshots have reappeared in the "firmware" > "auto-update" function on the Pfsense web interface….

    Better safe than sorry...


  • Thanks, I saw it in the auto update, that's why I tried it.

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