Lan2 connection

  • Here is my configuration

    pfSense 1.2.3 RC2

    Lan  Lan2/OPT1  Wan

    LAN = cisco switch = Computers + More    LAN2 - cisco switch1 = XBOX360 + PS3 + WII    WAN - Internet

    LAN IP      LAN2 =          WAN - INTERNET

    LAN and LAN2 are on different subnet and both On DHCP SERVER

    I have rules Created for LAN2 that Block access To and from LAN
    and one rule Allowing All out.


    *          LAN2 NET    *        *          *      *      Allow All Out
    *          LAN NET      *        LAN2 NET    *      *      DENY FROM LAN
    *          LAN2 NET    *        LAN  NET    *      *      DENY FROM LAN2

    UPNP Enable For XBOX360 + PS3 + WII

    Manual Outbound NAT rule generation (Advanced Outbound NAT (AON))
    with Static Port For XBOX360 + PS3 + WII

    THE XBOX360 PS3 AND WII all can pull an ip from the LAN2 DHCP SERVER
    I can see Traffic passing through the Lan2 connection but I
    get an error saying cant access the internet from the xbox360 PS3 and WII.
    even if connect a computer to it i can see traffic but no web-page is display,13887.0.html

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