Creating hotspot: PFSense, Watchguard Firebox, Captive Portal and RADIUS

  • I am fairly new to this, I have been reading for the last three days or so.  I have a little experience with PFSense but not a lot.

    I am in the process of figuring out how to make/build/buy the equipment for a hotspot and have a
    couple of questions.

    DSL/Cable–--PFSense----- WAP (for hotspot, might want internal card rather than WAP)
    ________ WAP (for people I share the connection with)

    I was planning on using captive portal to access an off site RADIUS server.  As for PFSense I am
    thinking about using a Firebox as specified in this thread,7458.135.html
    I have not decided if I will use a wireless access point/router or put an Atheros card into the
    Firebox.  Not sure if it matters.  Using an internal card would certainly make it a neater package.
    There will definitely be a WAP to serve people that i will be sharing the broadband connection with.
    I want to keep this as separate as possible from the hotspot stuff.

    I will need to support a max of 15 simultaneous wireless connections.  It will be standard web
    traffic, nothing serious.  Not sure if this is possible.

    I know I will need to use channels far enough apart to prevent interference between the two wireless

    Would it be better to use a WAP to serve the hotspot or the internal card?  Better in the sense
    of moving some of the processing off the Firebox and being able to support the approx. 15 connections.

    Does this sound like a terrible idea?  Should I go with something like MikroTik?

    I appreciate any thoughts.  As I am new at this I would not mind a bunch of links that I need to read prior
    to continuing this project.  Many Thanks

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