Support drivers ralink 2561

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    I am interested in installing the plate wireless zinwell g 361(chipset  ralink RT 2651) in accordance with this link    freebsd has has supported to this chipset " " , I tried to load you modulate this site

    File: /boot/defaults/loader.conf







    in accordance with, but I did not obtain success. Some form exists to install this chipset wireless ralink rt 2561 , it did not show nothing in the output  dmesg .

  • This is already in the kernel:

    Wireless NIC cards

    device wlan # 802.11 support
    device wlan_wep
    device wlan_ccmp
    device wlan_tkip
    device wlan_xauth
    device wlan_acl
    device ath
    device ath_rate_sample
    device ath_hal
    device an # Aironet 4500/4800 802.11 wireless NICs.
    device awi # BayStack 660 and others
    device ral             # Ralink Technology RT2500 wireless NICs.
    device wi # WaveLAN/Intersil/Symbol 802.11 wireless NICs.
    device wl # Older non 802.11 Wavelan wireless NIC.

    notice the device ral line. So none of the things you have done should be necessary.

    If the card is not detected then the detection string is not correct (assuming the card/chip is supported). mail the freebsd-mobile list for help.

  • Seems the updated ral driver is not present in releng_6.
    That might explain it.

  • hi friendes

    it wanted to know as I make so that my pfsense has has supported when driver wireless ralink, I know that freebsd 6,1 has supported to this driver this in accordance with link:
    , as I make this in the pfsense .. ??? HELP

  • If this is present and working in FBSD 6.1 then it will also work in pfsense 1.0 RC2.

    Everything is loaded, and should work as long as your card is detected.

    Please post the dmesg of your pfsense install, and provide some info on your HW setup.

    Noen of the links you have posted has anything usefull regarding this setup. we already do the exact same stuff in pfsense. So as long as you card is detected, you should be good to go.

  • hi,
    canyon wf 511 on rt 2561 is not detected on pfs RC2, how this can be fixed? or can it be fixed at all?
    i see there are drivers but i cant found any tutorials

    machine is
    intel p4 1.7
    intel mainboard
    256 ddr

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