Transparent firewall and AV

  • Hello all..

    this is my first time working with anything non NT so excuse my lack of knowledge. I got referred here from the IPCOP forums when i asked about firewall capable of bridge mode

    So questions
    1. Can pfsense work in bridge mode or transparent firewall??? Because all host on my network have real ip's and in want them to be available on the internet with their assigned real ip's. Which i belive can be done if pfsense can route / bridge.

    2. Is there any AV addon for pfsense like there is one for IPCop??

    thanks in advance..

  • see for how to setup bridge mode.

    There are AV packages (that are not 100% ready yet) but I don't know if they'll work in a bridge configuration.

  • i have already read that doc and it did help a lot.. a lot of hard work is going into this project…POSIX is more fun than NT  ;D

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