Thanks and Suggestion

  • Thanks pfSense team for the great tool that you have created!

    One suggestion I have is an issue that I recently ran into.  When setting up pfSense with our AT&T DSL with a static IP, I wanted pfSense to handle the PPPOE authentication as well as set the static IP.  I found that I could not do both.  pfSense could either do a static IP or do PPPOE.  It would be nice if I could have just set the craptastic Netopia that AT&T sends out in bridge mode and then have pfSense handle the rest…

    Thanks again for a great product!

  • I don't understand the question. I have setup lots of ATT DSL's and I generally use the craptastic Netopia to do PPPoE with the WAN bridged to LAN. Then I give the Firewall a static. A few times, when faced with the spectacularly-ultra-craptasic 2-Wire, I have bridged the CPE and done PPPoE on pfSense. In any case, the PPPoE login (generally with username) determines if your IP is static or dynamic, and what IP you get.

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