1.2.3 Snapshot Sun Jul 19 10:11:33 EDT 2009 broken ?

  • Hi,

    I've tried to update 1 of my systems (the backup node) from a 1.2.3 snapshot of february (based on FreeBSD 7.1-p3) to the current one (Sun Jul 19 10:11:33 EDT 2009)

    It broke my system … because it can't seem to load the PHP extensions due to PHP complaining that it was compiled with module API '20060613',
    but my extensions with module API '20020429'.

    So I downloaded http://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD_RELENG_7_2/pfSense_RELENG_1_2/.updaters/latest.tgz (51MB)
    manually on another machine, extracted it and looked at /usr/local/lib/php.ini & /usr/local/etc/php.ini
    They still point to /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20020429/
    But that directory is completely empty in the snapshot...

    Any hints on how I can fix my system, w/o doing a re-install ? (how do you install a snapshot as a full install anyway??)

    Thanks !

  • I've seem to be able to resolve this by downloading http://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD_RELENG_7_2/pfSense_RELENG_1_2/updates/pfSense-Full-Update-1.2.3-20090718-1920.tgz,
    replaced the PHP 5.2.9 binary from the previous update with the one from the above .tgz which happens to be PHP 4.4.9 (quite a difference),
    and run an upgrade from the local .tgz

    Now running 1.2.3-RC2 …

    Still the question : is the current latest.tgz broken, or should I've used a different URL for the auto-updater in the WebGUI ??

  • Do yourselves a favor and stay away from the currently held full updates up to the 18th thus far. Ofcourse, if hard of hearing you are, and time to kill, you have, then by all means..help yourself!

    Nothing wrong with PFSense..I enjoy her everyday. Just not the ones for the 18th.


  • I upgraded today (with the manual firmware upload button) to 1.2.3-20090718-1920 on a non-production box without any obvious errors. Maybe something broke between the 18th and 19th?

    Anyone else care to chime in? I have a maintenance window tomorrow and I was hoping to upgrade from my Feb 19th 1.2.3 to current, but it sounds like I may need to hold off…?

  • I can say the snapshot of 20090718-1920 works fine on my system after I did a fresh install.

  • Everything can break ofcourse :)

    Applying the Full-Update 1.2.3-20090718-1920 'fixed' my system.

    However, I still wonder why that one has PHP 4.4.9 and the update I pulled in via Auto-Update (via the WebGUI)
    had PHP 5.2.9 and did not work.

    Am I using a wrong URL for Auto-Updates of snapshots ? (eg. from pfSense 2.0 or so ?)

  • There was a error on the snapshot ports builder and included the wrong port in 1.2

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