Will PFSense Do what I want?

  • Hi,

    Here's a newbie question so please be patient? I have a NAS box on my home network that I want to be able to access via the internet. The NAS is on 24x7 but I don’t want to have to leave a PC on the Lan side to administer PFSense if I have to.

    So my question is, can I administer the firewall from the internet/WAN side of the firewall at all? Or would I need to leave a PC on the other side of the firewall connect to that then administer the firewall?

    Also what would be the best/safest way of setting up PFSense to access the NAS. I don’t know much about firewalls but am keen to learn.

    I’ve got DYNDNS working as I don’t have a fixed IP address, I won’t always be connecting in using the same IP from the web, am I better to NAT the IP and random port number through to the NAS?

    Many thanks in advance for any help.

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