Need help to allow ftp write permission

  • Hi,
    i use  pfSense 1.2.2  + Squid + SquidGuard and everythink works for http traffic.

    Now I must allow ftp connections what can I do?

    I can access to ftp only with read permission…I have not write permission.

    please help me!

  • I don't exactly understand what you think might be the problem but have you considered that you don't have write permission to the ftp directory?

    Your FTP is working obviously; you are able to read directory contents.

  • Thank you very much!

    Perhaps the problem is the connection mode to ftp site  ???  ?

    I use Mozilla Firefox to connect to ftp with proxy settings ( proxy pfsense: and squid port 3180)  like address I use:

    I read the directory contents, but I can't open it from FireFtp ( neither with FileZilla)

    If I use Internet explorer, after connection to ftp site I  select -> Page-> Open Ftp site in File manager ( the last option) the client say me that the Proxy cannot give me writer permissions.

  • Search the forum for ftp issues. I am sure you will find your answer.

  • I have done.. but I didn't find the answer to my problems.  :-\

    I will continue.

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