Nat reflection

  • nat reflection not working on
    built on Wed Jul 22 03:48:08 EDT 2009
    FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p2 i386

    (disable nat reflection unchecked)

    ps. like this config 1.2.2 and 1.2 running.

  • Setup? Background? How did you test? Any changes in the config? Messages in the systemlog?

  • yes. exactly.

    wan: 88.x.x.2
    vip: 88.x.x.3/24 88.x.x.4/24 (…)
    web: gw

    nat outbound: -> 88.x.x.4 -> 88.x.x.3

    pfwd: wan/tcp/80

    lan: all port open
    dmz: all port open
    wan: all to port 80 open

    nat refl.: unchecked

    i use pf 1.5+ years
    this config running 1.2 and 1.2.2 (no nat reflection problem)

  • We're seeing a similar thing, it either doesn't work, or ports are mixed up.
    Meaning we're doing Port forwards with aliases, where more than one port is redirected.
    Is this legal ?

    thanks in advance

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