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  • i am new at the vmware firewall thing this is my set up i have windows 7 rc and on the windows 7 system i am runing vmware workstaiton and in vmware i am runing pfsense vm you can downlode from the website.

    so i got it set up like this

    le0 is nic to my router/dsl
      le1 is nic to my usb hub to run my ps3 to hook in to my home network

    ok the lan is set to
      and the wan is set to my nic that is to my router/dsl and that is dhcp allso

    ok so the way it is set up now i cant log in to the webgui from my win7 but i can ping in pfsense in vm and it will be fine. what am i missing here how do i log in to webgui from win7 out side the vm where pfsense is installed on

    my router/dsl is voip linksys and how do i get the isp ip that they give me. the gateway for the router/dsl is so how do i get the ip that they give me and not the ip that the router/dsl gives me witch is

  • well with lil diging and calling the isp i found that the preralese dont work so i downlode the 2.2.2 vm image and set up the way i did in the other release and it working now. i put the traffic graph up and i get in and out traffic so no help from none of you it was allll me

  • ok ok i will give my set up now it been a day or so and its rock hard and have not stoped working yet

    ok i called my isp and found i got a dhcp ip from them and that push up to the dsl/router they send me witch push a diff gateway and ip to my nic on my pc

    ok this is my set up only way i can get it working

    the wan is em0 and em0 is my nic for my pc. and in pf-sense i have it up as dhcp. and on the hardware side i truned off all the nics servs but the ipv4 and 6 and the vmware bridge. no need for two nic's here but if you want two the other nic will be em1 and then in vmware that will be vmnet 1 witch will be the number two nic in your pc. but like i said that one dont work so once you get pf-sense working you can go ion your pc and disable that number two nic seeing it dont do nothing anywas.

    so now  got a ? i got pf-sense up and running how do i hook up a ethnet hub so i can run my ps/3 to the internet. i have not been able to get my ps/3 online since i switched from the routher/dsl box my isp give me to useing pf-sense. even to the internet run thew the router/dsl box the isp gave me to the wan nic on the pc witch will give me my dhcp settings from the isp.

    in my old set up it was east hook the router/dsl box to the hub with then the hub gets the ip's from the router/dsl box for the hub and then hook the pc and ps/3 to the hub to go online

    so i have tryed to hook the internet in to the hub witch is the wan in pfsense. witch is em0 in my pc. then hooking the hub up like i would in the old set up and dose not work.

    any ideas would be good and i would hope someone run in this problem befor but yet know what i am talking about and can help out in info

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