Is it possible to split a single wifi card

  • I'm forgetting what the correct terminology is, but i remember seeing it work on linux before….

    Basically, where you take a single wifi card and split it into 2 or more separate connections.

    My reason for asking is i'd like to set up a second wifi access point with different access settings and no access to the LAN, and keep the one i have currently with access to the lan.  I know i can  add a wifi card if i want but i remember this being possible in it possible in pfsense?

  • You mean 2 SSID's ? I haven't tried it myself but from what I understand from the forum is that this should be possible. You would get a second interface that allows filtering using different rules.

    *correct me if I'm wrong.

  • He might be talking about using one card for RX and the other for TX. I'm not sure how to do that.

  • FreeBSD 8 supports virtual APs, so you could have two wlan interfaces defined on a single physical card.
    AFAIK, wireless does not yet work in the 2.0 snaps based on FreeBSD 8, due to the fact that the wireless code needs an overhaul due to the new syntax.
    So the answer currently is no, but this may change as 2.0 develops.

  • what about in the 1.2.3 version?

  • Nope.

  • Dotdash is right, what you ask about is called VAP code and is present in freebsd 8. I have doen some GUI and backend code on this in the past, but it's far from complete and userfriendly. If my code or someones elses code will endp up in pfSense is yet to be seen. My work and private life does not allow me to work much on free stuff atm. and I'm no longer a active developer on pfSense. You can try to make this a bounty and see if you can interest others. afaik. this code is not available to freebsd 7. Maybe ermal could backport it, but it's quite a extensive backport, due to many changes needed in order to get the updated 80211 stuff working.