How to turn off all Web browser activity after hours

  • Where in Pfsense woudl I be able to turn off web browsing access when office hours are closed.

  • Create a schedule for he default allow all.
    Firewall –> Schedules

  • Under schedules there is NO option for EVERYDAY,

    I want to keep the firewall up at all time I just want to stop the night shift here from browsing the web between 6:30pm and 6:30am.

    Are you sure this is the area I need to set this up?

  • May i suggest you look at the config page of the schedules again.

    Like the note telling you:

    Click individual date to select that date only. Click the appropriate weekday Header to select all occurences of that weekday.

    –> You can select all days.

    If you cannot figure this out i'm asking myself if pfSense is the right solution for you….

  • I have tried using the schedule as you can see from the settings below and I was still able to browse,

    Can you see what I'm doing wrong?

  • Can you show the rules in which you used the schedule as well?

  • I wasn't' away that I had to also set the schedule into the rules section.  I am also confused on the schedule side.

    I want access to the internet OFF between 18:30 - 7:30 and off on weekends.

    so do I put 7:30-18:30 or
    18:30 - 7:30 because I don't think the system will accept this choice.

  • You have to put 07.30-18.30 there.
    Did you read the not under the link "NOTE: schedule logic can be a bit different. Click here for more information."

    With a pass-rule: 07.30-18.30 you should get blocked outside of this time.

  • I have played around with this and I still can't get the system to block browsing access after hours.

    I will continue to try but I then realized that if I block browsing access will these also block me from being able to RDP into the domain?

    I have set the schedule and created the rule but still no block, has anyone here successfully stopped browsing access according to schedule?

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