• I haven't posted on here often, but I just wanted to say thanks. I work for a telecommunications interconnect company in Canada. We have had a few deployments of pfSense, and plan on doing more. We have found pfSense to be the best when it comes to stable, reliable firewalls with many features.

    Currently we have pfSense in a Howard Johnson in Toronto with about 60 Rooms.

    Running on WLAN Interface with 12 Access Points, With Captive Portal. (
    Front desk and office computers are on the LAN interface. (

    The front desk creates a username/password for the rooms when they check in and sets the expire date according to the check out time.
    It was easy to show them how to use it, and we haven't had any problems yet. I even showed the owner how to use the pass through mac feature since he was good with computers, and they keep adding there blackberry's and IPhones to it for the Managers/Employee's.

    Also putting another motel in soon, a little bit smaller scale though.

    After having numerous problems with Dlink, and Linksys, I chose to use it at home. We also use it in our offices, and I've never seen an IPSEC Tunnel as stable as pfsense. So used to having to have one side reboot a router to bring it back up… Now I don't have to touch it all. :)

    Well, enough of my babbling thanks again, and keep it coming, can't wait for 2.0!