• How close are we too a final release, each one just keeps getting better and better.

  • The only answer you're likely to ever get on releases is "when its done".  There are a couple of key issues that are holding back the release.

  • I share the enthusiasm for 1.2.3 but yes we do need to be patient. The devs are doing their best to come out with a quality release.

    submicron - Is there any place that we can observe the issues that are being worked on other than keeping an eye on this forum? I don't have the skills to help with any of it but it is interesting and can help people to be patient when they see an update to the problems and solutions.

  • The blog and the support@ mailing list are the best resources for such things.

  • I do keep an eye on the blog but it is not updated very frequently in regards to development. I forgot about the mailing list though. I will sign up for that.

    Thank you!

  • It's very rare that development is discussed on the mailing list. Usually the best thing is to watch redmine.pfsense.org and rcs.pfsense.org if you want to watch things in detail.

  • Thanks for those links as well cmb. They may be referenced elsewhere but I was not aware. Nice to be able to follow along.