Blocking ultrasurfe and freegate

  • Hi .
    I really feel glad using pfsense as a server for my small lan. It runs smoothly and have great features that can be configured and run easily.

    Anyway, there is a problem that i wish you can help me or suggest something regarding how to block Ultrasurfe and Freegate " used to bypass squid and squidguard". I tried blocking some ports in the firewall but it didnt work. any user who uses one of these programs can bypass the proxy and filter.

    The reason I posted this topic here that I think maybe there is a way in the firewall that can block them, since the two cant be stopped by proxy.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Again.. I don't know why no body replied or said something.. Anyway, I tried the rules posted in this top,14489.0.html
    and it worked great, I couldnt believe it …BUT
    later I found out that all Yahoo and MSN messengers couldnt connect???
    so I had to delete the rules again and let all Lan connections, and the bypassing proxy programs worked again :(...

    What is wrong?? and how to do the job correctly?

    Please help me

  • A quote from

    "Since January 1, 2009, Freegate's servers are granting free access only to users in mainland China. [9] DIT plans to offer a shareware license to users in other countries. But as of June 2009, no price or date of availability has been announced"

    Why would we want to help the Chinese government restrict internet access to the people of the "People's republic of China"?
    Boy, this is getting political…

  • Well, this post has nothing to do with Politics, China…or anything else but firewall issue!!!
    I tried something, it looked good in the first, then it had side-effects blocking the IM service... I believe there must be a way. a technical discussion..NO Politics :)

  • Hi,

    I also facing same issue. just i disbale my firewall, ofter that is working fine. If you want you can download freegate from and is official website for free gate.