I cant get past the console setup nor can i find the 99 option

  • it just stics at the console and and im running the latest vmware and i want to install it in a vm before i try it on a dedicated pc but i dont know whats stopping me anyone help ?

  • Without knowing what it "stics" (sic), at, there's no way to help you.  You should also provide information on what version of pfSense you're trying to install and what you really mean by "the latest vmware" since VMWare produce many different product ranges and names and version numbers remove confusion.

  • The 1.2.3 LiveCD snapshot around July 24 offered an option to activate the serial console during setup, as described here: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/InstallationGuide

    However, the latest images like pfSense-1.2.3-20090822-0454.iso.gz is missing this option. So you have to boot up on a PC with VGA, configure the NICs, log in from another PC via and set "Enable Serial Console" in System > Advanced. Is there any way to do this on command line?

    Another difference I noticed between the before mentioned images is that the July image offered a menu at the serial console to reboot, halt, or set up the NICs, while the latest image immediately quits at the command line.

    FYI, I set up a flash drive using the CD image instead of the flash image because the 22/08 4G flash image does not offer the Squid 2.6 and SquidGuard packages that I need to filter some annoying ads and stats sites. After setup and switching to serial console, I then place the flash drive into the Alix2.