Accessing web gui

  • I booted up pfsense 1.2.3 in vmware.
    I assigned the lan ip as and subnet as 24( and dhcp->off
    when i entered the lan ip in web browser i got "Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection" was shown.
    I don't know wat's the error here.
    i've connected 2 ethernet adapters by vmware. one as 'host only' and the other as 'custom (vmnet2)'
    wat i did wrong.  ???

  • You set up vmware wrong.  I recommend you read the vmware documentation a little bit more closely.

  • oh. but there was no info about pfsense. i downloaded the vmware appliance from pfsense website and i didn't change settings in it. Any clue (where i need to make changes.)

  • You need to put the LAN on host only and it needs to be on the same subnet as your host only network (which is arbitrarily assigned, check VMware to find out).

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