PFsense on VMware with 3 NIC's, can this be done?!

  • I have a dell poweredge 1600sc server, with dual 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon processors and 4 GB ram,

    I installed 2 NIC's in it, the server still have its own NIC which is integrated, so theres a total of 4 Network interfaces

    What is the best way to get pfsense running on this box to use as a firewall, and load balancer?

    I think i need to run both my modems into the NIC's, and then use the third card as LAN, and run it into the switch.

    Ill draw a pic in a few minutes!


    UPDATE Heres an image

  • I don't see why not. Should work fine.

  • Hi I have a setup using vmware server 2.0 with two NIC's, on the WAN make sure you untick the TCP/IP option within windows so the only box ticked is the bridge for vmware the LAN side I share the same network card for windows and pfsense with no problems all depends on how much traffic you have over your LAN.


    Paul  ;)