Unable to connect to OPEN VPN server through WAN2 (multiwan)

  • Hi,

    My network setup is as follows

    MultiWan-Loadbalancing-failover (WAN1 / WAN2)
                      PFsense (openvpn)
                      (address pool =
                             LAN Subnet  
               Another LAN Subnet (
             (gateway for this subnet is
              this is actually a proxy and mail server
      this subnet is not directly connected to PFSense)

    I have configured OPENVPN and I am able to connect through WAN1 but I am unable to connect to through WAN2. The Static route added to connect another lan is as follows.

    Interface     Network     Gateway     Description

    LAN    route to lan

    Now the problem is I am not able to connect through WAN2

    if anybody have any solution please write to me

  • sounds like OPENVPN may only be running on the first WAN interface.  Maybe anthor Hero member can give you a advise on how to get OPENVPN running on both interfaces.

  • Afaik you need to add a line in the "custom option" field.
    I think it was the "–local host" command.

  • Yeah, you can leave off the "–" part of the command, which is for use when you call it from a command line.


    Just putting that in the custom options should do it (remember to use a semicolon to separate multiple options if you have more). After you save it look in System Logs -> OpenVPN to make sure it's binding to the correct IP.