Wireless access point connection issues

  • i am trying to get my wireless access point working threw pfsense.  the lan side of my pfsense box works perfectly, but the wlan connection keeps dropping on my laptop.  it connects, obtains an ip, then drops.  whether i use dhcp, or manually configure my ips, i have the same results.

    i am using the following settings for pfsense
    access point ip: (set to access point with all security off)
    lan ip:

    on my laptop i have manually configured and used dhcp to set the following:

    im using pfsense 1.2.2 and my wireless adaptor for pfsense is a dlink usb wireless b/g wua-1340

    to test the adaptor, i plugged my usb wireless adaptor into my win7 machine, and did ad hock with ics and everything worked perfectly.

    any ideas as to why the connection keeps dropping??  ive spent hours with setting, reading the forum and on google and am about to give up.  thanks.

    or is it likely a driver/hardware issues between freebsd and the usb wireless and i should give up completely?