Downloading files via Diagnostics->Execute command?

  • I'm trying to download files off my website to the pfsense box via the webGUI. I put in the download box the url, i.e.,
    but when I try to edit the file via the appropriate window, it says it's not found. I'm not sure if it's not downloaded correctly or if it's in a different directory?
    Could someone help me out? Thanks in advance!

  • Okay I think the download box is actually for downloading things to a computer while remotely being connected to the box, but is there a way to have the box download something, i.e. via a PHP script? Thanks!

  • I figured it out, by using the PHP script and file_get_contents($url).

  • Diagnostics -> Command -> Shell command

    Then use 'fetch' with the URL. Fetch will work fine from the console or the GUI.

    If its your own php page you could run.
    chdir('path you want');

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