Two OpenVPN on same pfsense server(site-to-site and roadwarrior) can't exchange

  • Hi,

    I'm facing a routing problem.

    I have an openVpn server (A) that is configured as site to site (for clients B and C), it's working well and my three sites are all visible.
    But lately i added a new instance of openvpn configured as roadwarrior with ldap capabilities. Thus the roadwarrior configuration is working well but my clients can only see the subnet present on my main site (A) (the one that host the two openvpn server)

    B –-------------- A ---------------- C
                          RoadWarrior Clients

    I tried to push the route in the roadwarrior openvpn config on server A but didn't work. Even with the route specified, my roadwarrior clients can't see the B and C subnets
    I think it's a problem of routing between the two tunnels on pfsense box (site A).

    Does anyone have a clue ?

    Thanks !

  • Problem fixed!

    I forgot to add the route on the site B and C. Always add routes for the both directions.