Captive portal custom page "view current page" error

  • When I define a custom portal page, then click the "view current page" link, I get "An error occured. Please check the system logs for more information."

    System log says "php[51829]: /index.php: Captive portal could not deterimine clients MAC address. Disable MAC address filtering in captive portal if you do not needs this functionality."

    The "view current page" for my Authentication error page contents does work, but it doesn't load any CSS or images.

    So I can't preview the custom page, but it shows up fine when I'm actually using the captive portal (connecting from that interface). Bad password error page comes up w/ its CSS and images too.

    If I check the "disable MAC filtering" option, the preview page for the "portal page contents" does come up, but the "authentication error page contents" still comes up minus CSS and images.

    When I connect from the captive portal interface, there is no error about can't determine client's MAC address.