Captive portal use only the user part

  • Hello
    1.2.3.-RC1 installations do my pfsense has a problem
    In the hotel reception to use the captive portal is required from the user menus
    Enter admin as the lonely, and tamper with the time to see everything that may already
    I do not want.I want
    Only user's friends use the contact menu reception are open and you delete
    (user menu will be made for everything Username Password Full name Expiration date)
    I want to make friends if you have to do it thank you

  • Whatever translation engine you used: it spit out crap.

    What do you want to do?

  • sorry bad english

    I do pfsense 1.2.3.-RC1 installations.I have problem like below;

    Receptionist in the hotels must be use user menu from "captive portal". when enter as admin can see everthing and make something but i don’t want this.

    I want that  the user who specified reception can reach user menu only ,can be  assign user and unassign  (can be done everything in user menu needs  Username Password Full name Expiration date)

    Is there any frend can do this.If there i want to do and i will charge of the cost.


  • Get a 2.0 snapshot to have voucher capability and then you just create vouchers and the personel does not need to login at all in there.

    If you do not want 2.0 contact me privately, to backport the voucher capability to 1.2.3, with an offer.