Captive Portal Radius Replies issues

  • Hi all, let me start by saying I have spent hours and hours searching the forums and google for an answer and I have come up with nothing!

    I am hoping this is because im doing something stupid…

    I have RADIUS auth setup and working with accounting (RADIUS server is external) what I would like to do now is use Packet of Disconnection and various attributes using the WISPr vendor atts.

    The problem is the RADIUS server doesnt seem to be getting a reply from the pfsense box/captive portal here are some error msg's;

    From DaloRADIUS

    echo "User-Name='myusername'" | radclient -c '1' -n '3' -r '3' -t '3' -x 'my.ip.add.res:1700' 'disconnect' 'myradsecret' 2>&1

    radclient: no response from server for ID 47 socket 10
    Sending Disconnect-Request of id 47 to my.ip.add.res port 1700
    User-Name = "myusername"

    Do I need to setup NAT and Rules to forward the reply packets? if so this is what ive tried already...

    If      Proto  Ext. port range      NAT IP                  Int. port range
    NAT: WAN      UDP  1700     any) 1700

    Proto  Source  Port  Destination  Port  Gateway  Queue
    Rule:  UDP  *          *  1700  *         none

    WAN Interface =
    LAN Interface =

    I have also setup a firewall rule on my modem/router to forward UDP 1700 to

    But no luck :( always get no response.

    Can anyone suggest what I could possibly be doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.