Problems with gateway of the rules.

  • Friends,

    They forgive my English, I made the text with a little translation tools of google and a little of what I already learned ;-)

    I have a PfSense here functioning as internal firewall.

    There are 3 interfaces:
    WAN - > is going for other internal nets of the company. (
    LAN - > is in the same net LAN: -) ( 
    DMZ - > Net where they are the servers who take care of them you scheme of LAN and of the other net comings for the WAN. (

    Nat is disactivated, the objective is practically to make a roteador with filter.

    My problem is happening in interface WAN. To have access the other nets of the company, step for the roteador but I have some server in the net /24 that if I try to have access of my LAN or DMZ, I pass for the roteador because of gateway of the rule. this is generating slowness and loss of packages.

    the question is:    How I make for the packages destined to the servers in the net of interface WAN are not launched to the roteador? (that he is gateway of interface WAN and default gw)

    I wait that it has been good to understand…


  • I wonder how that setup works at all. Your WAN subnet includes the LAN and DMZ subnet. This can't work properly. You have to rearrange your subnets in a different way. At the moment you have conflicting subnets.

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