Captive Portal and Radius. Weird Accounting values…

  • My Captive portal is working with a mikrotik router as radius server. The router is running usermanager.
    Everything works fine, but my users arnt being accounted properly. Their uploaded and downloaded bytes are incorrect.

    Here are some user statistics:
      Downloaded  Uploaded
    55.1 MiB 808.1 MiB
    84.9 MiB 352.6 MiB
    130.3 MiB 622.6 MiB
    6.7 KiB 29.4 MiB
    29.6 MiB 40.9 MiB
    19.4 MiB 96.1 MiB
    508.3 MiB 15.5 MiB
    6.8 MiB 865.5 KiB
    14.9 MiB 13.5 MiB
    78.4 MiB 28.0 MiB

    As u can see alot of people have more upload than download. Which was never the case when we were running normal Mikrotik Hotspot with Mikrotik Radius server.

    How can I fix this. Is there a different radius server that I can use which DOES support accounting for my users?