Openvpn question/problem

  • my lan is
    inside the lan i have another vpn server (racoon) that is doing si-te-to-site vpn with our clients.

    how can I setup openvpn for road warrior connections (for our employees) so if they connect to openvpn from home to have access to all the other vpns (clients).
    First I gave Ip's from and I tried to add some routes but is not working.

    After reading some more, it seems I have to add "server-bridge) to custom options…but this part is not working...

    Everybody from LAN can access the other resources (VPNs) but when they connect to OPENVPN from home they can only access our LAN.
    Should I give them IPs directly from LAN for this to work?

  • See this thread:,18801.msg97227.html

    Also if you want to do bridging, you have to do more than add server-bridge to custom options (you actually leave server-bridge out if you want to use an existing DHCP server).

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