Update Squid package to 2.7STABLE6 - NOW $360

  • Many users have asked and this is still missing.  Hopefully the money here (and from other too?) will be enough to move the development forward.

    Taking the bounty is as simple as the title implies, make all the necessary changes to the Squid package to bring it up to current Squid 2.7STABLE6.  Features which need to work include all the features of the current 2.6.21_10 package and the new URL rewrite feature for CDN delivered content.

    EDIT 9/15/09: Also would like to see some limitation placed on the excessive number of 'pinger' processed that Squid starts in its current incarnation.

  • I'll put my $50.00 (if someone will PM me on how to send it as long as I dont' need a paypal account).
    I'm a home user and use pfsense and squid and think this is a worthwhile bounty.  It's a free router, may as well pay for something :)

    Only question would be if we want to upgrade to the latest, why would we not go to 3 as there is a stable version.  To me it depends on the amount of work to get to 2.7 compared to 3?

  • @tester_02:

    Only question would be if we want to upgrade to the latest, why would we not go to 3 as there is a stable version.  To me it depends on the amount of work to get to 2.7 compared to 3?

    I had the same idea until I read the release notes, which state that many (some?) of the commands in squid.conf and ACLs are still not supported.  Why "upgrade" to something that is less functional that the "old" version.  I feel their signal for everyone to upgrade will be when they stop development of the 2.7 series.  That has yet to happen.  Read more at the link below:


  • Agreed.  I spent some time today looking up dev changes, and now looked at the link, and came to the same conclusion as you.  3.X could happen sometime in the future.  Lets get squid to the latest stable 2.x version and a few of the hiccups could go away.
      Now if a few more people could contribute and get the bounty high enough for some developer to spend some time… :)

  • Bump+$50…

  • Bump + $10

    I'm a home user looking to make some things a little more responsive for the wife (Facebook, etc).

    As far as adding the URL rewrite feature (which is the entire point), I would suggest adding this feature to the GUI in the form of a single textbox for the rules themselves.  The rules can get ridiculously complex, so I can't see any way of abstracting them.


  • I just saw this now. I actually updated the Squid package earlier today to 2.7.7. No feature additions, or many changes at all. I did remove the pinger entirely as there's no reason for it in how people are using Squid with pfSense, and it was found to trigger at least one intrusion prevention system, getting the user's IP blocked.

    It's been working fine in production for a couple test systems without changes in the configuration.

    Is the StoreUrlRewrite the only addition you guys are looking for?

  • THANK YOU!  Yes - I think the bug fixes that have come through the updated squid releases are sufficient for what I was looking for.  As you mentioned we are also looking for the store URL rewrite…I checked out the link that atamido posted.  Does the feature always require you to list out the various URL alternatives for dynamic sites or can this be somehow automated?  I thought the feature would 'just work', but if it requires so much configuration maybe it isn't worth most user's time....

  • URL rewrite seems to complex for the average user.

    I'm happy!  People updating packages is always a good thing…  You are updating Squidguard next right?  ;)

    PM me and I'll be glad to pony up.

  • I don't plan on adding any new functionality, or updating Squidguard in the immediate future, but if people would like to express their appreciation for updating to 2.7.7, feel free to send money via Paypal to paypal at chrisbuechler dot com.  ;D  I do make a full time living on the project, it would be much appreciated.

    Or, I'm at the bottom of my stack of reading materials. If you'd like to pick up something off my Amazon wish list, that would also be much appreciated.

  • Many new version of packages need update pfSense packages tree.  ???

  • squid2.7 was compiled for freebsd7.0 with delaypool disabled.