Captive portal displays blank page

  • I am having an issue with the captive portal for clients that are not on the same subnet as the LAN interface. When these clients access the internet, they are shown a blank page. Also, http://<pfsense sever="" ip="" address="">:8000 shows a blank page as well. I tested from a client on the same subnet as the LAN interface and the captive portal worked just fine.

    When I disable the captive portal, these clients are able to get to the internet. I have ruled out a routing issue and DNS resolves correctly. Help please. Thanks.</pfsense>

  • I figured it out. The captive portal works as advertised with the "disable MAC filtering" checked in the Captive Portal menu.

  • Yes, if your clients are behind another routing device then captive portal basically will bail without notifying you since it cannot figure out the MAC address correctly.

    It really should be a little better at reporting this error.  I'll see if I can spruce it up and submit a patch to Jonathon.

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