What causes In/Out Errors?

  • PrivateWIFI interface (ath0)
    Status associated
    MAC address 00:02:6f:21:1d:16
    Media autoselect mode 11g <hostap>Channel 1
    In/out packets 13/731 (1 KB/5 KB)
    In/out errors 538592/5
    Collisions 0
    Bridge (bridge0) learning

    Im getting massive In errors on my wifi link.  Is this normal?

    Version  1.2.3-RC2
    built on Sat Aug 29 04:17:10 UTC 2009
    Platform nanobsd</hostap>

  • Sometimes it's caused by the "Senao" wireless card and driver combo that you are using.  I usually use a separate wireless simultaneous dual-band router as it costs about the same as buying a wireless mini-pci card and I get much better performance and pfsense stability.

    From my understanding the wireless card's firmware should "hide" the errors normally associated with wireless communications.  Might be driver compatibility issues.  FreeBSD is a bit behind when it comes to wireless AP drivers compared to Linux.

  • What kind of hardware are you using with pfsense?
    I have a similar situation made worse by continiued stuck beacon messages and haven't been able to eliminate the problem completely.
    I made things better by tweaking some settings and replacing a microdrive with an industrial cf card but the problem still is there albeit on a smaller scale.

  • Search around in the wireless forum. From what I can determine high amounts of in errors on the interface don't necessarily mean there is a problem. A stuck beacon or the like is different, but if there doesn't seem to be a problem I wouldn't worry. I have several Alix boxes with ath cards that are running just fine- they all have huge amounts of in errors. It may well be that the ath driver does not mask 'normal' errors under some circumstances.

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