NTOP running on 1.2.3-RC2 stops responding.

  • I am running ntop (Network Management) 3.3.8 on 1.2.3-RC2 (built on Sun Aug 30 11:37:03 UTC 2009 , FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p3 i386).  It continues to stop.  I have it bound to the LAN and WAN interfaces trying to get a handle on what is going on my network and when.

    I have run ntop in the past and it usally put's a huge load on the system.  On my virtual pf-sense box it's not putting any load on the system.  I checked and it's collecting data but stopping.

    I really like to get this up running any thoughts?

  • From what I can figure out it runs for 30 minutes or so Then it just quits.  I going to leave the web page up and running to see if the application continues to run.

    I found that it runs for just a few minutes then quits.  Anybody got any ideas on this one?

  • This seems to be a known issue.  I had this problem a while ago, and found that many others had the same issue.  Hate saying it, but do a search and it's out there.  My solution was to install cron and set it up to auto start ntop every few minutes (followed a post a while ago).  Not an elegant solution, but works.  I'd say search for NTOP and CRON and you should be good to go.
      I think someone is going to have to start a bounty to get ntop updated to the latest version.

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