Windows openvpn client behind a PfSense firewall can t connect to a remote ovpn

  • Hi, my ovpn client of my notebook (winxp) on a lan of a PfSense firewall can t connect to a remote openvpn server.
    My question is what im doing wrong with the configuration of the pfsense firewall.  I already done the following wan firewall rule:

    dest range port: from OPenVPN to OpenVPN

    There is another rule i have to ?

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

  • That rule is wrong and probably not needed, the outgoing connection to the remote openvpn server comes from LAN, not WAN. You don't need any rules for outgoing connection unless your LAN rules are restrictive, are they?

  • Hi kpa,
    Thankyou for your answer.

    I have "Automatic outbound NAT rule generation (IPsec passthrough)" activated. I m using 1.2.3-RC1.

  • Automatic/manual outbound NAT does not matter with OpenVPN since it does not require a static source port like IPSEC does. Can you post a screenshot of the firewall rules on LAN interface?

  • You need to create the rule on the LAN interface - all pfSense rules apply to the interface the traffic arrives on, not the interface it leaves on.

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