Help with figuring out TinyDNS $10

  • Here is my setup and system specs:

    -P3 866mhz
    -384mb ram
    -20gb hdd install
    -3 PCI NICs
    -1 PCI Wifi Atheros based card

    -pfSense 1.2.3-RC1

    I have a Dual WAN Load balanced FailOver connection.

    The initial thread is here:,18928.0.html

    To collect the bounty, the following must be made true:

    -Nameserver running and accepting connections on EACH WAN IP ADDRESS
    -Each machine gets its
    -Accept paypal

    If you want to collect the bounty, please help me here instead of the initial thread. The person who helps me the most to get this working collects the bounty.

  • ok so I got it open now on both modems. just gotta make sure I got the DNS right.

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