Guide to installing pfSense in 2008 Server R2 /w Hyper-V

  • Could anyone point me to a guide to installing pfSense as a guest in 2008 Server R2 /w Hyper-V

    Im a little confused as to how the nics should be setup.

  • To my knowledge there is no guide as until RTM R2 it wasn't even working properly.
    Its quite simple all you have to do is remove all the "Network Adapters" and replace them with "Legacy Network Adapters".

    These virtual  "Legacy Network Adapter" however don't seem to support vlans from within the vm so the trick here is to add as many network  interfaces as you need then assign individual vlans to them.

    I have been running 1.2.3 RC2 in a vm since 2k8 RTM R2 came out and all seemed fine but out of the blue one night the (until recently rock solid)  host rebooted! taking down all the vm's with it. This is of course really bad.
    I suspect it is probably freebsd playing up from within the vm or the legacy adapter not liking vlans rather than a Windows 2008 R2 bug. I am currently running R2 with the pfsense vm OFF to ensure server stability and then when I am sure again I will try to upgrade the 1.2.3 VM to v2 BETA and see if that is more stable.,12157.0.html