Multi wan using wireless card possible?

  • im using a alix with the latest 1.2.3 build running on it and i have one atheros based wireless card in it in access point mode, what i would like to do and have no clue how to do it is:

    1. be able to use wireless card like an access point which is working currently

    2. my neighbor also has a access point and i have access to it also so be able to configure multi wan on pfsense alix box such that to use my wireless card as access point as well as make it connect to my neighbors access point creating a mesh so if one wan connection goes down, the other at least remains.

    forgot to mention my wireless card is bridged to my LAN (opt1 bridged to lan)
    multi wan load balancing talks about opt1 also but what if connecting to remote wireless network is using encryption using WEP etc, then how do u use that as load balancing

  • Adding a second wireless card will allow you to do this. Add it as opt interface and follow the dualwan/loadbalancing setups. Make sure you can get from your network to his prior to setting up the dualwan/LB stuff.

  • in what mode does the 2nd wireless card need to operate in such that it can connect to the neighbors access point and secondly the neighbors access point is using WEP protection so where do i enter the password in the 2nd OPT interface such that pfsense can connect to that access point and be able to load balance/multiwan etc?

  • In mode "infrastructure"
    You can configure WEP on the config page of the interface. (in your case probably OPT2?)

    After that just follow the standard multiWAN guide an treat the wireless interface as a normal interface.